Doctor On Trial

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Tyler Tyler
Has anyone read this one?

Dr. Halls Dr. Halls
I may have read a little bit of it…


I remember that this one was a drama about doctors… (Obviously, what would be the other reason for me wanting to read it?) My wife and I were packing for our trip to New York. She had told me that it was a pretty long flight, which ended up to be about 5 hours. She was taking a few books along with us to pass time.

We’re been on the plane, 3 and a half hours away from our destination, I was bummed that I had finished my movie. She then offered me to read one of her Reader’s Digest books, and turned to a page which started a chapter called ‘Doctor On Trial’, because she thought I would be interested in that one the most out of the four books she had brought with her. So I thought sure, why not!

Billy Billy
Do you remember what it was about?


I started reading along, was enjoying it the first couple paragraphs until I realized it was about a woman named Kate who has always wanted to be a doctor since her junior school years, who was taking her schooling at one of New York’s finest medical facilities.

Her life-long dream crashes when one of her young patients, whom was the daughter of a cold-blood Real Estate entrepreneur, dies mysteriously during the time under her care. Discarded by all the Hospital staff, Kate has only one hope to being able to save her whole career.

We were just about to our destination, so I closed the book and I thought.. ‘Gee.. This is awfully horrifying’… I just knew what the rest of the story was going to be about… Obviously the father came in and pulled the plug, maybe poisoned her food, Kate may have lost her career, or something or other.

I thought and I thought… there are some pretty messed up people in this world. So that’s my book review.

Billy Billy
That’s crazy.

Brittany Brittany
Do things like that actually happen in the real world?

Holly Holly
Probably… So many people die every day because of murderers.

Billy Billy
In Hospitals though?…



Reader’s Digest

Harmony Harmony
I remember I read this one a couple months ago…

Levi Levi
I would like to hear about it. I was thinking of buying.

Harmony Harmony
It was my favorite and the only book I have ever read. Hard to find, though.



I was at work bored out of my mind when I started this Thriller(You know how boring it is sitting behind a desk at a tanning salon on a hot summer day gets, especially when there is no customers.) My friend, Julie, told me about this story. I’m not really a book-reader but I insisted on giving it a shot.

There was a huge book store across the parking lot from where I worked, so I went over there before I went one early morning to see if they had it in stock. Surprisingly, it was the last one in the whole entire book store. I had no idea what it was about, or what kind of book it was, but all I knew was that it was Julie’s favorite and she had recommended it to me. So I finally got to work, put my bag on the floor, and sat down. I then reached into the bag with the book I had purchased, pulled the book out and opened to the first page


The first paragraph says ‘It hovers in the greenish-gray waters off the coast of the Bermuda.’ I thought to myself, “Oh great… This is about the Bermuda Triangle… One of the scariest places on Earth!” I read on… ‘It is about 100 feet long, weighs 12 tons, and has tentacles studded with razor sharp hooks.’


‘The stuff of sailor’s nightmares, it is very well known living thing. As real as the fear itself. It would normally stay in the deep, floating, feeding at will. But it’s diet has been reduced by man’s greed. Now, ferocious and angry it tends to be, it heads for the shallow ends. Just when you thought it was save to go back into the water…’

Harmony Harmony
Then I remember someone came in. And another, and then another… The salon was getting kind of busy all of a sudden…

David David
Wow… Perfect timing…


I thought, ‘do I seriously have to quit reading this? It was starting to get very amusing!’ I was very curious to know what happens next … what that creature was…! A shark? An octopus?? A sea serpent???…

I put the book down, went to clean some beds. When I came back, my book was gone!! What the heck?! I looked under my desk, around my chair in case it had dropped, got up and looked all around the area. It was no where to be found. Are you kidding me? I got the last book in the only book store in town. I’m never going to finish it!

Derek Derek
Can you at least tell us how the first little part of it was???


Anyways, my review on this book was, (from the first couple paragraphs), very entertaining. I wish I could finish the rest of it. I can’t find the book anywhere… Not even in other book stores, online, nothing. This bugs me. I need to know what happens!

Talking Moose
Talking Moose
Suck it up, and live with it. K thanks.


Company’s Coming – Pasta

by Jean Paré

Holly Holly
Why in the world is this under the “Reader’s Digest” category?

Levi Levi
Well, after the readers eat their food, they digest… Get it?


Whether you are deciding on the spur of the moment, last minute, or planning ahead, when company comes to visit, make pasta! There are more than several different kinds of delicious, fanciful hot selections, and cold as well! Have a look through this mouth-watering cookbook and tell me what dish you would like to try.


Mark Mark
I have literally tried every single pasta in this book.

Megan Megan
You’re Italian, that’s why.

Talking Moose
Talking Moose
If anyone ever tells you you put too much Parmesan cheese on your pasta, stop talking to them. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.



I was obsessed with pasta (I still am), but I was not that much into cooking back then. I would always crave it, but never get it. Well, sometimes I would order from Boston Pizza or something… Until I went to the book store, and purchased an amazing pasta cookbook, which has every single pasta you can ever imagine in it, even pastas you never even thought existed. Try them all.

I actually read this cookbook like it was a novel… word after word, page after page, beginning to end. It was the most fantastic book I ever laid my eyes on. I have tried every single one, from start to finish, and honestly, I don’t have a favorite. I would definitely recommend this novel – I mean book – To everyone and anyone, beginners and experts.


– –