1) Book Review Title:

I Can Make You Thin

By Paul McKenna

2015-08-19 21.01.17

Holly Holly
I got fatter on my holidays.


Paul McKenna is really famous in the UK, and there’s a good reason for it. His work as a hypnotic therapist, is flawless. If you’ve ever listened to some of his audio CDs, or DVD’s, or bootleg recordings from the internet, or just got lucky and heard and/or seen him in person or on TV, it’s like, you are fully aware of the process and fully in agreement to proceed into it, and fully benefiting, because the hypnosis, the trance effectiveness, is extraordinary.

Tyler Tyler
Always listen to hypnosis tapes while driving.

Talking Moose
Talking Moose
Not funny.


He’s a very handsome man, that Mr. McKenna. Well dressed, well groomed. Instead of a book review, lets switch to a personal critique of handsomeness. And he looks fit too. He must exercise and eat healthy.

Dr. Halls Dr. Halls
You know, even HE, the hypnotherapist, his own subconscious hears his own words.

Talking Moose
Talking Moose
So performing, recording and writing, he benefits himself too.


How does hypnosis actually work? You know what? Explaining how and why it works is in the first few chapters of this book, and in most hypnosis books. It’s not a trick. Whether you are an expert or totally new to hypnosis, the power-of-suggestion works, and it works stronger and longer if the words are heard while you are in a trance.

2) Book Review Title:

Hypnotic Gastric Band

by Paul McKenna

2015-08-19 21.00.59

Billy Billy
This can’t be real.

Jessica Jessica
You’re supposed to… what? Believe in an imaginary surgery?


Not exactly. In a way, the “story” of preparing for a sham surgical procedure, I think it’s a ‘method’ to have your conscious mind be imaginging and focussing on one thing, while the subconcsious hears the simpler messages to lose weight. That’s classic hypnosis, enhanced by deep trance. As odd as it seems, this stuff DOES WORK. However, hypnotic trance suggestions don’t work forever. BUT when they are repeated day-after-day, or other recurrent long-term, it does work.

Hector Hector
Did you actually read the whole book?


OK, not the whole book. Most of it. And I did listen to the DVD that comes with the book. So that’s better than some other book reviews, am I right?

The bottom line. People buy these kinds of books, when they are seeking methods for weight loss. The internet is full of programs, diets, counsellors, and sites selling medications for their own profit. Very few things actually work for modest weight loss, and it’s generally sustained for 1 or 2 years at the most before the weight is gradually regained. Hypnosis techniques, DO work, but they are very short term, and it is a significant drawback about needing to repeatedly re-read a book, re-listen to a recording, and so on. Those repeat things take effort, and boredom or dis-interest gradually extinguish the usefulness of this approach.

3) Book Review Title:


By Grinder and Bandler

2015-08-19 21.00.43

David David
Is that a wizard picture on the cover?

Levi Levi
That book looks really old.


Yes, it’s getting a little old, but this is one of the landmark books that describes neuro linguistic programming, or NLP, and from this basis, whole industries have emerged. Many subsequent refinements, learned and perfected by NLP practitioners during the years, have further improved the methods, and yet, also validated just about everything in the book, proved by years of therapeutic experience.

The book is difficult to read, because the reader also tends to go into trance, and that leads to wanting to fall asleep, and set the book down. It took me weeks to finish it.

Harmony Harmony
Don’t forget Dr. Milton Erickson

Correct! In this book, Dr. Erickson‘s career and methods are extensively documented, analyzed, commented on, and practiced.