Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide to Headaches

by Burton Goldberg


Megan Megan
For some reason, I seemed to always get a headache every time my roommate picks up her kids from school…

David David
How many kids does she have?

Megan Megan

David David
Yup. That’ll do it.


Unlike any other headache-related book, this specific book gives you the cutting-edge, easy-to-understand medical guidance you need to make your headaches disappear. There are many different types of proven natural and alternative therapies that can help get rid of several kinds of headaches like migraines, sinus, eyestrain, allergies, and tension for instance.

I have had many tension headaches and migraines for the past two and a half years, since I’ve been living with my roommate and her three troublesome children. My doctor had recommended purchasing this book because it has helped a lot of his patients with the same types of headaches as me. It was kind of out of my price range, but I had no choice really, but to give it a try and see if it would help. After I tried a few therapies and tips the book suggested, my doctor and I were in complete shock. It did not help my migraines go away at all.

From then on, I still had the most worst headaches anyone could possibly have. I didn’t know what to do. They scanned my brain, thinking I had a brain tumor, and everything seemed to be just fine, which was very weird.

Talking Moose
Talking Moose
When I get a headache, I take two aspirin and keep away from children, just like the bottle says.


A couple weeks after that, I decided to get my own place to have peace and quiet because my headaches couldn’t stand even the littlest noises. A couple days after I settled in, my headache was gone, it just disappeared, and I never had one since then. I couldn’t believe it, kids were the problem! I was never seen around kids again, not even my nieces or nephews.

Brittany Brittany
Wow.. You were actually deathly allergic to children.

Tanya Tanya
And I let you babysit my children???!


Heal Your Body

by Louise L. Hay

Holly Holly
Heal your body from what? I wonder…

Levi Levi
I dunno… Maybe sickness? Breakups?



This book assists you to start the healing process within your own body, while showing the reader how to become healthy and whole, how to balance your body, spirit and mind, as well as taking excellent care of yourself every day. It also explains all of the benefits that are needed of a positive mental attitude, and how it can cure anybody.

This book was simple and easy to read, at first it was a great reference, as I heard that it helps make yourself feel better without having to see a doctor. However, towards the middle and the end of the book, it just began stating stuff that is not all that necessary. Like how not needing that many clothes can apparently ‘heal’ you.

Brittany Brittany
Like, yeah right.


It also states that how learning about other people’s childhoods, and how answering your phone every time it rings can heal you. Like really? Some of the stuff that was in that book was so pointless. It never healed me, it actually made me feel angry inside. I was not going to continue reading it. There’s my review.

The Crystal Bible Books 1 & 2

by Judy Hall

Hector Hector
Ooooo sparkly.

Holly Holly
Woooow, I’d say. Give me that.

David David
Is that worth millions?



You may be asking yourself, “Why a crystal book?, What is it for? What is it’s purpose? Is it real?” Well, this book is exquisitely illustrated, which also offers an inclusive guide to the crystals, their colors, shapes, unique meanings, and it’s healing effects. There is also a detailed section in the book that illustrates the crystal care, how to select your crystals, how to put them to use, meditation, as well as it’s healing applications.

David David
I just don’t understand any of this… So are they not REAL crystals?

Hector Hector
I was hoping I would become rich with these… What a disappointment.

Tanya Tanya
I actually think it’s pretty cool.


This book is apparently a comprehensive listing of hundreds of different types of gemstones and crystals, one by one with it’s detailed information on their appearance and attributes, and what to use them for.

Most people cannot say enough good things about these books, as they are pretty popular nowadays. More and more old ladies are purchasing this book every single day.

If you are into gemstones, crystals, curious to know how to use them in every day life, as well as for healing, then this book is suited specifically for you.

Betty Betty
Ooohhhh so it’s for old ladies… Makes sense now.

Tyler Tyler
What’s so cool about fake, magic crystals anyways?

Hector Hector
Is this magic?? COOL. I like them now, old lady or not.


– –