by Walt Disney

Jessica Jessica
Ooooh goodie! I love Cinderella!

Billy Billy
…A little too much.


Cinderella is considered one of the most beloved princess books of all time. It is perfect for little princesses the age of 2-6. This book is mainly about a beloved child named Cinderella, who has a cruel step mother, and two cold-hearted step sisters whom abuse and mistreat Cinderella with no remorse or regret.

She would be dressed in torn up clothing and messy hair, while the rest of her family would be dressed beautiful like real princesses. Despite the fact that Cinderella has grown into a very gentle, and kind young women who adores animals.


Throughout most of the story, it just explains that her step-family used Cinderella as a house maid and made her work very hard every day and she would never get anything back in return. Then one day her Fairy Godmother appears and used her magic powers to turn Cinderella into a princess, with a beautiful ball gown, and glass slippers, and transforms things into different things. Princess things. Her God Mother then warns her that the spell will break at the stroke of midnight.

At the ball, a handsome prince avoids every single girl there, until he sees Cinderella. Of course the two fall in love completely (why wouldn’t they, it’s a fairy tale), and they dance all evening. When it was getting close to striking midnight, Cinderella escapes and runs towards her carriage away from the castle. As she was running down the stairs, one of the glass slippers fall off.

Jessica Jessica
I thought the book was so amazing. I read it 67 times! It was the best thing I have ever read, hands down!

Mark Mark
We know how you feel about Cinderella, okay.

Tanya Tanya
No need to get so excited over it.


Well, I work at the book store down town, and this book has gotten so many great reviews. Probably the most reviews out of any other book in the whole store. Mother’s would definitely recommend this book to their child of any age.

Hector Hector
Even boys?


And yes, even boys.

Tyler Tyler
That’s odd.



Chicken Soup for the Preteen Soul

by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Patty Hansen, and Irene Dunlap

Hector Hector
Mmmm.. I love chicken soup.

Brittany Brittany
Me too! It’s my fav. But I wonder why there’s a book about it?

David David
This is odd.


This is a Children’s Literature book written by and for preteens, best for the ages between 9-13, and it includes a collection of touching and emotional stories they experience every day throughout their pre-teen years. Like losing and making friends, fitting in, discovering of the opposite sex, dealing with violence and pressures at school, and how to cope with issues in your family such as diverse, etc.


I thought this book wasn’t too bad at first, but then I kind of thought in my mind that there were better things to do than read about someone else’s depressing drama-filled life. Your stories are sad, yes, but I don’t want it make me sad too. There are reality shows for that, like Big Brother or Jersey Shore. I want to live a happy life. So I closed the book, put it down, and continued living my life.

Some people may want to read this, if they are experiencing a similar life, and want to know tips on what to do about the situation. But I, I don’t have that type of lifestyle. Sorry not sorry.

Hector Hector
Hey… Where does it include anything about chicken soup?

Brittany Brittany

Mark Mark
I rate this book 0.1/5 stars.

Gretchen Gretchen
Well, I liked it. I give it a 4/5 stars.

Hector Hector
You have issues.


Ghost Stories of Alberta

by Barbara Smith



When I purchased this book, I had no idea what I was going to expect. I had found my house that I was living in at the time inside that book. It didn’t say the most greatest things about it. I have never experienced anything until after I read that little chapter about it…

I lived in that house, for not too long, maybe like 8 months or so. Ever since I read that story about it’s hauntings, I’ve never been able to live in peace. There are noises coming from all over the place, especially at night time. The basement is by far the worst…

– –

David David
I don’t think this should be under the “children’s” category…

Hector Hector
I don’t like this one bit.

Derek Derek
You will probably cry after I tell you my story then.


Hundreds of years ago, apparently it used to be a place where kidnappers used to always hold people hostage in the basement. Every now and then, I would always hear people running and screaming, as if they were still trying to get away. I didn’t know whether to feel sorry, or feel terrified. But I couldn’t do anything about it but put the house for sale and move out. Now I live in a teeny tiny hotel room, sharing with two other people that stink very bad.

That book ruined my life.

Hector Hector
You live with me though. I stink.

Derek Derek
That’s true.. But not half as bad…

Hector Hector
That is the most nicest thing anyone has ever said to me.


Millions of people purchased this book. There are lots of good, and bad, reviews on it. I guess it just depends on how scared they get.

– –